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Time:08:31 pm
OMG Clown!
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Subject:i hate people
Time:12:59 pm
tomyd2t_h: ?????
tomyd2t_h: ??? ??????
Rheanna: tomy no!
tomyd2t_h: ??? ?? ??? ??
tomyd2t_h: ?? ????? ????
Rheanna: tomy please
Rheanna: not until after
Rheanna: you dirty boy
tomyd2t_h: F***k you
Rheanna: wow
Rheanna: so you speak
tomyd2t_h: soooo
tomyd2t_h: baaaaaay im sooooory
Rheanna: oh Tomy, don't be that way
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Time:11:52 am
pussywipp06: hey
icewater36: asl
pussywipp06: 16 f omaha
icewater36: do u suck d***
pussywipp06: all the time
icewater36: ok my boxers r off
pussywipp06: ok
pussywipp06: first
icewater36: now what
pussywipp06: asl
icewater36: 19/m
pussywipp06: oooo
pussywipp06: first i grab ur b***s
icewater36: o yea
pussywipp06: then i squeeze them till they bleed
icewater36: no
pussywipp06: after that i use my teeth
pussywipp06: and make u screem
pussywipp06: "911! 911! GET THIS BITCH OFF ME!"
pussywipp06: wat don't u want mo?
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Current Music:897 the river
Subject:poo pie
Time:03:17 pm
Current Mood:geeky
amorousnick: how you doing?
pussywipp06: a little seasick
amorousnick: u like older guys at all?
pussywipp06: yes
pussywipp06: like 50!
amorousnick: what's up?
pussywipp06: oie?
pussywipp06: sun dried pie
amorousnick: i c
pussywipp06: let the bodies in the flow
amorousnick: sounds fun!
pussywipp06: like pie?
amorousnick: depends on the type
pussywipp06: grape?
amorousnick: never tried it
amorousnick: but will try anything once
pussywipp06: like poo?
amorousnick: poo pie?
amorousnick: hmmm
amorousnick: probably not
pussywipp06: i eat poo
pussywipp06: yummi
amorousnick: eat it often
pussywipp06: all the time baby\
pussywipp06: mmmm
pussywipp06: like pie
pussywipp06: opoo pie
amorousnick: kinky little whore aren't you?
pussywipp06: no
pussywipp06: just eat the poo ie
pussywipp06: *pie
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Current Music:offspring
Time:03:14 pm
Current Mood:crazycrazy
oldsdelta88wit350: mmm
pussywipp06: yes
pussywipp06: pie is ummy
oldsdelta88wit350: so ur cum
pussywipp06: is icky
pussywipp06: nothing like pie
oldsdelta88wit350: i c
oldsdelta88wit350: u shave
pussywipp06: shave my pie?
oldsdelta88wit350: ur pussy
pussywipp06: y then all the grapes fall out
pussywipp06: ooo
pussywipp06: yes
pussywipp06: the summer time gets hot
pussywipp06: my kitten likes it
oldsdelta88wit350: o ic
pussywipp06: yeah
pussywipp06: i just got him
pussywipp06: his name is Eliv
oldsdelta88wit350: cool
pussywipp06: i also have a puppy
pussywipp06: named cooli O
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Subject:the swimming fish
Time:04:10 pm
kirran_p: hi
pussywipp06: aloe
kirran_p: male here and U?
pussywipp06: girl
kirran_p: do you like men
pussywipp06: only on the weekends
pussywipp06: and your lucky it's saturday
kirran_p: oh thanks
pussywipp06: oh peecock
kirran_p: and I am right now horney
kirran_p: do some thing pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
pussywipp06: good for you
pussywipp06: and it's 7 am
pussywipp06: aw ok
pussywipp06: im swimming like a fish
pussywipp06: ooo now thats sexy
pussywipp06: fine i hate you then
pussywipp06: just like everyone else you'll meet.
pussywipp06: named Meatwod
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Time:05:39 pm
pussywipp06: it's pinky and the brain
pussywipp06: yes pinky and the brain
pussywipp06: one is a genius the other's insane
pussywipp06: they're labratory mice
pussywipp06: they taste really spicy
pussywipp06: they're pinky
pussywipp06: yes pinky and the brain
pussywipp06: brain
pussywipp06: brain
pussywipp06: brain
pussywipp06: BRAIN
pussywipp06: ED
pussywipp06: answer noW
pussywipp06: wan a picture fo me?
ed_rulo: sure
ed_rulo: who is this
pussywipp06: nerd
pussywipp06: it's kanga!
ed_rulo: sen me a pic
pussywipp06: OKAY
pussywipp06: you sex
ed_rulo: what
pussywipp06: i esny you
ed_rulo: what r u sayin
pussywipp06: I WANT YOU
pussywipp06: silly rabit
ed_rulo: who is this for real and that may happen
pussywipp06: this is kanga!
ed_rulo: where did we meet
pussywipp06: in your patns@!
pussywipp06: pants
ed_rulo: im bein for real
pussywipp06: so am i!
pussywipp06: we met and you sais you lovin me foreva
pussywipp06: now you lie!
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Time:05:29 pm
pussywipp06: hey sexe
bud21661: hey
pussywipp06: you like pie?
pussywipp06: CAN WE HAVE A PIE FIGHT!?
bud21661: ok
pussywipp06: score
pussywipp06: more than ever before!
pussywipp06: you suck
pussywipp06: take off your pants, i'll get the rubber bands.
pussywipp06: http://www.geocities.com/thepaperbagkids
bud21661: ok
pussywipp06: really?
pussywipp06: you'll go?
pussywipp06: at see about the tampons?>
pussywipp06: lovecox?
bud21661: ok
pussywipp06: dont talk ! just go to the site and see me. in all my glory
pussywipp06: doodie
pussywipp06: pie me
bud21661: ok
pussywipp06: bud u die'
pussywipp06: hold old u?
bud21661: 19
pussywipp06: silly silly
pussywipp06: i m 16
pussywipp06: too young 4 yu
bud21661: yea
pussywipp06: but i lick u
pussywipp06: i 'll give u toast
pussywipp06: u go bye bye
pussywipp06: WAIT
pussywipp06: NO
pussywipp06: i love you
pussywipp06: ...
pussywipp06: now bye
bud21661: i love you too
pussywipp06: awe
pussywipp06: we should be together forever
pussywipp06: wait wiat
pussywipp06: 4eva
pussywipp06: wanna mi numba
pussywipp06: 402 738 9500
bud21661: ok
pussywipp06: call me
pussywipp06: i have to go
bud21661: ok
pussywipp06: my granna is aroung in her uner wear i want to find bra
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Current Music:suki on da comp
Time:05:12 pm
Current Mood:food
pussywipp06: MADDOG!!!
pussywipp06: i love u
magdy_4321: me too
pussywipp06: aw
pussywipp06: u wanna c me
pussywipp06: do u?
magdy_4321: at first can i see u
magdy_4321: yes
pussywipp06: meet me friday at the henry dorlie zoooo
pussywipp06: BABY
pussywipp06: cakes
pussywipp06: maddog why you l.eave?
pussywipp06: love me now maddog love me now!
pussywipp06: i want you maddog!
pussywipp06: are you mad because i'm really a man?
magdy_4321: i want fuck u in your ass
pussywipp06: baby!
Yahoo! Messenger: magdy_4321 has logged out. (4/30/2004 5:11 PM)
pussywipp06: do it thenm!
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Time:01:23 pm
patrickcolorman2000: asl
pussywipp06: 16 f omaha
patrickcolorman2000: 18/m/nc
pussywipp06: cool
patrickcolorman2000: how u look
pussywipp06: good and sassy and filled with penguin goo
patrickcolorman2000: okay
pussywipp06: u
pussywipp06: my sassy penguin friend
pussywipp06: u
patrickcolorman2000: 6,5 brown hair brown eyes big dick
pussywipp06: but its thin right
pussywipp06: it has to be thin
patrickcolorman2000: it is
pussywipp06: please tell me its thin
patrickcolorman2000: it is
patrickcolorman2000: u want to fuck
pussywipp06: here?
pussywipp06: now?
pussywipp06: ok
pussywipp06: u put you dealy in ur computer's hole
pussywipp06: and i'll push up to mine
patrickcolorman2000: okay
pussywipp06: ok
pussywipp06: im ready
pussywipp06: wait
pussywipp06: hold on
pussywipp06: let me take off my grany panties
pussywipp06: se
pussywipp06: he might want them bck
pussywipp06: *back
patrickcolorman2000: okay
pussywipp06: ok
pussywipp06: she's sleeping
patrickcolorman2000: okay
pussywipp06: want me to wake her up to join us?
patrickcolorman2000: yes
pussywipp06: yay
pussywipp06: grandma
pussywipp06: GRANDMA!
pussywipp06: she just farted
patrickcolorman2000: okay
pussywipp06: ok i'm readdy here we go
patrickcolorman2000: okay
pussywipp06: now what
patrickcolorman2000: i want to fuck u
pussywipp06: ok
pussywipp06: then do it
patrickcolorman2000: where u want it at
pussywipp06: cheese and corn dip
pussywipp06: up the penguin
patrickcolorman2000: what u talking about
pussywipp06: what do u want from me?!
pussywipp06: i took off my granies
patrickcolorman2000: okay
pussywipp06: grandma said no and to get her birth pills
patrickcolorman2000: okay
pussywipp06: now i have the toasster on
patrickcolorman2000: okay
pussywipp06: and you make me cry
patrickcolorman2000: yes
pussywipp06: can we have pie
pussywipp06: before we go
pussywipp06: you have to get me happy
pussywipp06: tell me a joke
patrickcolorman2000: okay
pussywipp06: i have to go take a shower
pussywipp06: and pee in it
pussywipp06: cheese and corn salssa
patrickcolorman2000: pee in what
pussywipp06: the shower silly duckers

patrickcolorman2000: like what
pussywipp06: like you know
pussywipp06: i have to wash my back
patrickcolorman2000: and what else
pussywipp06: my feet?
pussywipp06: but there not too bad
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